The guidelines for volunteers are below.
Here’s the link to the Volunteer Registration Form.
(you will be directed to MyEventSherpa)
You can always return to the registration link to update/change your participation!


Shifts are 3-4 hour increments during these hours:
Friday  7/1      Setup: 10am to 4:30pm      Carnival Shifts: 3:30pm to 1am
Saturday 7/2      Carnival Shifts: 2pm to 1am
Sunday  7/3      Carnival Shifts: 2pm to 1am
Monday 7/4      Kegs ’n Eggs: 8am to 12pm      Carnival Shifts: 12pm to 9pm
We also need help with clean up & tear down on
Tuesday 7/5      10am to 2pm

Why should you be a Volunteer?

This event gets bigger and better every year.  It is also harder to manage and there are more things to take care of.
The more people that help, the easier it is for everyone!
This is your neighborhood, your community, your Festival.  YOU MAKE THIS EVENT HAPPEN.
  • All Volunteers receive a free Rock & Roll Carnival and 4th of July Festival STAFF T-shirt (you can’t buy these babies!)
  • All Volunteer shifts are 3-4 hours, sign up for as many shifts as you will actually show up for!
  • Volunteer party in the weeks following to say a big THANK YOU

General Information/Responsibilities:

Volunteers are responsible for helping with the safety and well-being of the Rock & Roll Carnival
and 4th of July participants with responsibilities including:
  • Enforcing the Rock & Roll Carnival and 4th of July Festival rules as stated by the Festival, the City of Cincinnati, and the City Park Board, which are basically making sure people are having a good, safe time.
  • Helping lost kids and parents find each other
  • Watching the street and sidewalk barricades
  • Roving the park to give a helping hand
  • Help with collecting trash when you see the trash person changing trash bags and loading/unloading the trash cart.
    (If you can help with this at any time during your shift, It will keep things from getting out of hand.)
  • Don’t know what to do?  Just Ask!  Many things pop up during the course of the event and we need folks to handle them.

    Generally, Volunteer Central will be the first notified so check in at the booth and see what’s up.

What you DON’T have to worry about:

Volunteers are the eyes and ears of the Festival, not the muscle.  Your job is to make sure everyone is having a good time, but if trouble should come up you should IMMEDIATELY get word to one of the event organizers.
Someone in charge will always be accessible by walkie talkie.
Some of you may have one while walking the park but there is ALWAYS one located at:
Each Token booth
Volunteer central
Mobo Booth
Most Roller Girls (on duty)
Police Walking Detail
  • Police are on the park premise to handle any serious situations.
  • This is a private event. NO solicitations are allowed within Hoffner Park during the course of the Festival unless the candidate or group has rented a booth for such a purpose.
    At the same time, you do not need to confront anyone. Let one of the organizers know who and where by walkie talkie.
    They will handle it.

Areas of Interest:


Our amazing Roller Derby Girls handle the majority of this but if is your area of interest let us know!  The more – the safer!
You are responsible for roving the park to ensure fun and safety.
Any serious situation should be reported to the 3 main event organizers and police officers on duty.
You will have Walkie-Talkie in your possession .


The first shifts on the first day are always set-up/decorating shifts.
Help collect tents, tables, chairs, decorations from storage space
Help to set-up Barricades along sidewalks and side streets to comply with City rules.
Set-up Tables and Chairs
Set-up Tents
Decorate Trees, Lampposts, and Beer Booths
Put up all banners and signs

Volunteer Central

7/1 Rock and Roll Carnival 10am to 1am
7/2 Rock and Roll Carnival 2am to 1am
7/3 Rock and Roll Carnival 2am to 1am
7/4 Rock and Roll Carnival 8am to 9pm
Volunteer Central coordinates volunteers and open volunteer positions.
This is where you will sign in for your shift and receive your t-shirt.
Walk-up volunteers are welcome, and will be placed in open positions.

Entertainment/Stage Hand

Needed for set up and during event
Entertainment stage crews help load equipment on and off stage in between sets on 2 stages.
You will need to be sober, and have careful hands.
This involves carrying the equipment Carnival musicians use to make a living.

Beer Booth

Beer Booth server volunteers have a tendency to return year after year, so there may not be any open positions.
Nonetheless this is a job for trustworthy folks who understand the Rock & Roll Carnival and 4th of July Festival has
survived in no small part through its beverage sales.
Any drinks you give away come out of 4th of July Festival’s pocket, and although the Festival looks huge,  it is weather dependent and can struggle to break even.
You understand that if beer is served to a minor or if some violation occurs,  you and Rock & Roll Carnival and 4th of July Festival could be in BIG legal trouble.
While there is no official Festival oath, repeat and learn:
“I love the Festival. I won’t serve any beer to a minor or commit some other beer violation or permit no-no, and I won’t give away beer!”
Who wants to be known as the person who ended the Festival by costing the Festival its beer permit?

Token Sellers/ID Checkers 

Token Sellers (2 per booth during peek hours) exchange tokens for cash used to buy beer.
ID Checkers confirm age of patrons and ensure wristbands are worn prior to token purchases (2 per booth during peek hours)


We have hired someone to man this essential but dirty job. He still needs your help.
Volunteers help pick up trash, replace trash bag liners, and help remove full trash bags to the removal site.
It is our job to ensure Hoffner Park looks better than it did before the event began.
It is greatly appreciated when all volunteers are willing to pitch in for one sweep around the park before and/or after shifts.

Tear Down

The opposite of Set-up. Take down tables and chairs, tents, and decorations. Help return items.


You can always return to the registration link to update/change your participation!


Thank you for your help, we appreciate it!